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Monthly Archives:November 2016

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Security Plus Protection Services, LLC takes pride in highly trained officers and non-violent policies and procedures. Their Officers are always courteous, pleasant and present a professional public image.

Guards – whether for corporate, retail, municipal or for a construction site, Security Plus Protection Services, LLC can provide uniformed guards for your company.

  • Construction sites
  • Municipal and Educational Facilities
  • Entry control points
  • Vehicle control points

Physical security barrier against theft in the workplace and business

Vehicle Patrol
Day or night Security Plus Protection Services, LLC vehicle patrols can be at your business.  Security Plus Protection Services, LLC vehicles have state of the art communication equipment, are well-kept and reflect a professional appearance.

  • Malls and Retail Establishments
  • Parking lots
  • Neighborhood watch – With a reduction in many police departments, and the need for increased security, many neighborhood watches are stepping it up a notch and hiring Security Plus Protection Services, LLC vehicle patrols. Homeowners are discovering that traditional guards that protect businesses are necessary to protect their home and by combining forces with their neighbors, they are able to afford this protection.

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